Welcome to the 501st Ireland Garrison

The Ireland Garrison is an all-volunteer organization. The Garrison promotes interest in Star Wars through Star Wars related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.

501st Ireland Garrison Updates

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Citizens of the empire, please report any sightings of the missing droids to your nearest trooper. http://501st.ie/join-us/ #BadGuysDoingGood..

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Outside the Lighthouse cinema for the midnight showing of #TheLastJedi with friends from Rebel Legion Ireland #VadersFist #BadGuysDoingGood #501stIreland..

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Our #TankCommander shows our #SnowTrooper which way the rebels went. #Hoth #Frozen #501stIreland #VadersFist #BadGuysDoingGood #E11 #StarWars..

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The Friends of St Luke's - Radiation Oncology Network Dublin

Great work troopers from 501st Ireland Garrison & Rebel Legion Ireland

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A great trooping tip from our legion brothers & sisters of the Singapore Garrison. 501st Singapore Garrison #BadGuysDoingGood #VadersFist #StarWars..

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